5 Standout 2018 Eyewear Trends for Men

For guys especially, a new pair of glasses or sunglasses truly has a transformative power that can lead to a total reinvention. Since a reinvention is exactly what so many people look for in the New Year, it’s up to you to stay up to date on popular eyewear trends, especially if you own an eyewear boutique or are in charge of merchandise purchasing at an optical store. If you want to get ahead of the curve, we’ve compiled our predictions for the hottest eyewear trends for men so you can be better prepared when deciding what to stock your displays with in 2018.


Mirrored lenses are up first on our prediction list. These statement shades feature ultra-reflective lenses in bold multicolored hues from cool silver to bright orange. Quite often, more traditional frame shapes like aviators are paired with mirrored lenses for a more futuristic look. Customers who prefer a more traditional shape but want an instant upgrade will gravitate toward sunglasses with mirrored lenses for a fresh, new look. These glasses at an angle also photograph extremely well. Popular with men but also with women, mirrored lenses are something you should be sure to add to your inventory for the new year ahead!


In keeping with the futuristic theme, the translucent frame will be popular for both sunglasses and reading glasses. These see-through sunglasses feature clear plastic frames; however, sunglass frames are often combined with a colored lens. Larger plastic frames tend to cover the face, but with translucent reading glasses, your customers can make a statement by letting much of their face show. Probably more so than any other frame, these translucent glasses truly pair well with any outfit! While subtle in color, translucent glasses are for the more trendy and stylish of shoppers.

Round Wire Rim

Minimalism has quickly grown in popularity over the past year, and it shows no signs of stopping! It’s easily distinguished from other styles because of the use of sleek lines. We can see minimalism being adopted into eyewear with our third prediction on this list—wire-rim glasses. These frames often feature a single rim of wire in black, silver or gold. While so many people associate the wire-rim frame to the likes of Harry Potter and the hippie generation, these glasses give off a retro flair that many hipster guys find appealing. Sunglasses can be paired with a pop of color. These also tend to be quite popular come festival season.


Another trend perfect for festival season is pastel glasses! As we get closer to spring and summer of 2018, get ready to see the world through pastel-colored lenses. Men are seeking to expand their color options with more unconventional hues when it comes to their fashion accessories. Pastels soften edgy, bold frames and are quickly becoming a unisex favorite. The fun mix of shades will appeal to a wider audience as we approach the warmer months, making them the ideal choice for your shelves. Be sure to pick up a variety of pastel colors like teal, light blue, lavender and apricot.

Double Wire

More is more, and when it comes to double-wired sunglasses, that means extra wire loops around the frames. This double-wire trend was especially noticeable on designer runways. Taking inspiration from the steampunk movement, the interesting take on double-wire sunglasses includes loops along the top of the frame and along the sides. This gives the sunglasses frame a three-dimensional effect that makes them more modern. Easy to wear and even easier to make a stylish statement in, fine double-wire sunglasses come in a variety of colors and styles, including this geometric double wiring and these wire capped ends.

As the current year closes, it’s quite exciting to look toward the future— from new resolutions to another year of fresh fashion. What are you looking forward to in the year? Share your own predictions in the comments below!


4 Retro-Inspired Sunglass Frames Here to Stay

It’s only a matter of time before what’s old becomes new again. This is especially applicable in the reintroduction of fashion trends from eras past into recent runways and the street styles of today. When it comes to sunglasses in particular, it’s easy to spot the decade-long trends that inspired the 60s, 70s and 80s. We believe that when a fashion accessory is so well designed, it becomes timeless. We’ve kept a close eye on several different frame styles that have become new again so you can stock your virtual and real shelves with alluring frame shapes reminiscent of the fashions that shaped the past.

Cat-Eye Sunglasses

First on our list is quite possibly the most instantly recognizable frame shape—the cat eye! Made popular in the 1950s by chic working women, the original cat-eye glasses featured small lenses and a sharp upturn at the temples. Worn by Hollywood actors like Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly, the frame has gone through different design changes to keep up with modern times, such as a larger frame size and a reduction in the sharpness of the feline-inspired wing for a more subtle cat-eye shape.

More modern cat-eye sunglasses like the ones below include fun prints, colors and gradient lenses. When choosing the right cat-eye sunglasses, remember that the style tends to be bigger and fiercer than ever.

Browline Sunglasses

Ever so popular in the 1950s and 1960s, browline sunglasses were easy to spot because of the thick upper portion along the frame that draws attention to the natural brow line. Utilized primarily as reading frames, the style was quickly adopted with darker lenses for sunglass wear. Everyone from James Dean to Malcom X was seen wearing browline glasses. Dubbed the intellectual or “nerd” frame, these retro sunglasses are such a classic silhouette and lend a seriousness to the wearer.

The browline is definitely back in style! They have been modernized with lighter plastic construction for more comfortable wear and are available in different patterns and colors.

Round Sunglasses

Best associated with the 1960s and 1970s, these types of shades are often referred to as “hippie sunglasses” because of their popularity among celebrities and pop culture icons of the time, such as musicians, models and even First Lady Jackie O.

These rounded sunglasses are much bolder than your average pair of shades because they combine a boho-indie aesthetic with eye-catching modern details like a colored or mirrored lens.

Plastic round frames like the ones below are in almost the exact style of those worn by supermodel and Andy Warhol muse Twiggy; however, we’ve modernized the look with neutral gradient lens color choices and updated frame shades in tortoise.

Classic, lightweight round metal frames like the pairs below are so closely associated to John Lennon because he wore round glasses and sunglasses year round. We offer a variety of metal round sunglasses that meld contemporary appeal and a retro vibe with fun neon and neutral colors.

Round sunglasses can add a laid-back, cool touch to any look. Keep the selection in your store diverse by opting for a mix of colors and materials to appeal to a wider audience.


Made popular by celebrities like Michael Jackson at the 1984 Grammys and especially Tom Cruise in the 1986 film “Top Gun,” aviator sunglasses were all the rage throughout the 80s even though they were developed in the 1930s exclusively for the US military. The frame is still very closely associated with pilots, police officers and outdoor enthusiasts.

From metal-framed to plastic-framed aviators, these classic sunglasses give off an instant old-school yet cool vibe.

The classic teardrop frame is flattering on a variety of face shapes and has since been updated with new features like polycarbonate, three tones and mirrored lenses.

By offering different shape styles and colors of retro classics to your customers, you’re able to appeal to a versatile clientele that pulls fashion inspiration from all decades! Many simply want the vintage look without the high price of vintage items, so shop eFocus for all your wholesale retro sunglasses needs.

How To Spot the Next Sunglasses Trend

Whether they are shown on or off screen, sunglasses have become a cultural icon of fame, luxury and cutting-edge style. The image of Arnold Schwarzenegger uttering his famous words “I’ll be back” in a bold pair of shades, or the effortlessly chic Audrey Hepburn perusing the windows of Tiffany & Co. in the streets of Manhattan behind a pair of big sunglasses are images we’re all well familiar with. An indispensable part of the fashion industry, sunglasses have permanently fixed themselves into a culture of cool and have consequentially become one of the most sought-after accessories on the market.

Like the entire fashion industry, sunglass trends are constantly changing, so keeping up with the latest styles can be a challenging and time-consuming feat. Luckily for you, there are several easy ways to stay up to date on today’s on-trend sunglasses!


In recent years, Instagram has grown immensely in terms of popularity and global use. Because of the widespread proliferation of Instagram users worldwide, style-savvy fashion bloggers have taken the reigns of the social media platform to broadcast their own personal style and to showcase the latest fashion trends for upcoming seasons. There are thousands of expert fashion bloggers to follow on Instagram, so finding users who have a similar style to your accessories store is only a few clicks away. Why invest time into this? Independent studies demonstrate that at least 30 percent of Instagram users have purchased a product they first discovered on the photo-sharing app. This presents a monumental opportunity to keep up with Instagram users as a business owner. From preppy to urban and everything in between, Instagram opens the doors to a world of fashion that makes finding style inspiration easier than ever before. Follow influencers with styles that align with your sunglasses boutique by consistently checking relevant hashtags and by finding pockets of engaged audiences.

Study the Runway

Fashion designers are eager to accessorize their models with the latest eyewear trends because of the distinguishing edge sunglasses lend. Fashion shows feature the styles that are bound to line the windows of shopping malls in the coming year, so paying close attention to the looks walking down the runway can give you a glimpse of what the future holds. Additionally, models have become large influences on the younger generations. If this is your demographic, paying closer attention to what these models wear on and off the runway can be beneficial to scouting the next big trend.

Online Fashion Blogs and Websites

Gone are the days of tangible news periodicals or glossy fashion magazines. People have the power to view what they want when they want in just seconds by logging online. While magazines like Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and Marie Claire have sat as the authority of the fashion industry for decades, new bloggers and chic websites have taken off as a more reliable and direct digital source of what’s to come. Hyper-niche websites like Who What Wear and Stylecaster focus on accessible fashion content that’s not only attainable to the super wealthy but to the everyday person interested in the latest fashion trends. Bloggers like Leandra Medine from the ManRepeller blog and Aimee Song of the Song of Style blog have also transformed simple blogs filled with outfit details to include expanded content like restaurant guides, interior design recommendations, and beauty approvals. These men and women have become authorities in all things style. Look to these websites to feel the pulse of the latest trend and for new sunglasses spotting.

Consider the Season

Seasons are vitally important in the fashion industry, as they constitute which trends will come into style; however, there are two certainties you can count on each year. One, some styles are timeless and appropriate all year long. Two, some sunglasses styles reappear during certain times of the year, like festival season!

Once warmer weather approaches, stock up on aviator-style, horn-rimmed and wayfarer-inspired sunglasses for a timeless spring or summer look. When it comes to prepping for festival season, look to unique options to fill your inventory. Try shades with mirrored lens colors that reflect pinks, blues and greens, or look for styles with quirky, clear rim designs! Remember that festival outfits need a bold pop of color or a unique frame shape like notched-bridge frames or round sunglasses.

Sunglasses offer fashion-savvy people the perfect opportunity to show off their own unique personality and stylish flair. Anticipate what the next big thing is by keeping up with social media, bloggers, influencers, niche websites and upcoming seasonal events. You can be sure that eFocus will carry all of the fashion industry’s latest styles at a fraction of the price with our wholesale sunglasses!

What’s your guess for the upcoming fall’s trend? Let us know what your favorite sunglasses trends are in the comments below!